Last Monday evening Facebook disclosed that it had blocked about 30 accounts and 85 Instagram accounts that had been earmarked by the law enforcement agencies as having possible tie-ups with foreign entities. It said in a released statement that it had become aware that these accounts were most probably engaged in coordinated and wrong behavior with unscrupulous people to damage the American Election system. A further probe was being conducted by them and the law enforcement agencies.

It further clarified that almost every page associated with these accounts were written in either French or Russian. In comparison all the Instagram accounts were mostly written in the English language. Some of them were focused on celebrities while others were based on political debates.

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The social media giant said that its decision to release the preliminary findings were based on the fact that the mid-term elections in the country were only a day away. It further assumed that at the present moment it still wasn’t clear that all the blocked accounts were linked with the Russia based Internet Research Agency or had any other foreign links.

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