Several UK companies are planning to implant microchips in the hands of their employees’ hands. This step is being made optional. These chips would perform the functions of an identification badge.

Biohax, the Swedish Company has planned to offer its microchip services to these English companies which are considering to implement the move. These companies have said that these microchips would make everyday work faster and easier. The tasks highlighted are buying food and entering buildings. These implants will also restrict access to certain areas.

The workers of some UK companies will soon be able to show that their dedication towards their jobs are literally skin deep. The Swedish company, Biohax, is at present in discussion with several important companies. They are offering the microchip implants to their employees.

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The main benefits of this procedure seems to be the employees and the companies’ convenience. These microchips implants will importantly serve as the employee’s internal identification. These chips can be used to pay for things around the office like food or print jobs. They could also be used to restrict access to certain off-limit areas.

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It can be having electronic circuits implanted between one’s thumb and the forefinger to be an idea of a job perk or a dystopian nightmare. But it depends on one’s own perspective. The Telegraph has said that the chip implants would be made optional for the employees. The Biohax hasn’t named any company that is considering these implants. But one of them is a financial services company with thousands of employees. These chips are the same as those chips used with pets. Biohax has said that it’s similar to the contact less payments systems.

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