Manifest season 5 is already being demanded by fans even though season 4 of the series has just made its mark on Netflix – and not even in its entirety.

The first three seasons (created by NBC) brought many exciting events, unusual puzzles, and surprising tragedies. The first 10 episodes of season 4 answered a lot of questions – including in terms of Summons – , but the heroes still have a lot to do. First of all: stop the apocalypse and the sapphire-equipped omega Angelina.

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Will the second part of season 4 settle all the unknowns and unravel all the threads? Or will creators with answers to some questions prefer to wait until season 5?

Manifest season 5 release date
Scene from Manifest

Will Manifest be renewed for season 5? When will it release?

It’s already confirmed: Netflix will not create a continuation of Manifest – the series will end with 4 seasons. Why? Only the platform authorities know the exact answer, but that has been the plan since the series was acquired from NBC. The American network planned to cancel the production after three seasons due to low viewership. Netflix decided to resuscitate the series, but only for one final season that would solve all the puzzles and give viewers answers to burning questions.

Jeff Rake, the showrunner of the series, initially planned to write Manifest for 6 seasons – but when he received information about Netflix’s decision, he condensed the story. Episode 20 of season 4 will therefore be a farewell to the series. Of course, something could always happen to make Netflix change its mind, but that’s not very likely.

This last season seemed so rushed. Really wanted that season 5 🥲
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What Manifest is about?:

Manifest season 5 release date
Manifest logo

“Manifest” is a series about the fate of a missing plane and the passengers on board, who return after a few years and have to face the life that went on without them and a new, surprising reality.

Initially, it was broadcast by the American NBC station; viewers could watch it on the HBO GO platform. After the third season, the creators decided to cancel the order for its next episodes, which Netflix gladly took advantage of, taking over the rights to the series, which is currently one of the most watched productions on the platform.