Going on an alcohol binge can turn out to be a dangerous game. Because you might end up doing strange things in the hangover that you’ll regret the next morning. Or even worse, you could forget about some great moments that you spent last night. Like, think of those new friends that you made when you were on a night out. What if you forget about all those? You’ll probably never want that to happen. Also, the husband and wife share a very crucial bond that might turn worse if you take a wrong decision.

Haha! Now, you might be getting an idea of what we are going to talk about here. So, we are going to narrate a small tale here. And you will definitely roll on the floor laughing after you read it. So, scroll down and have fun!

Think of waking up with a black eye! It’s worst than a nightmare for sure. But a man actually woke up with his disfigured face and only remembered fragments of the last night. What happens next is even worse than this. Oops! We’ll not spoil the ending for you!

Hangover that turned worse

Let’s begin with the great hangover story!

So, a married man, Jack woke up with a huge hangover after a night out drinking with his friends. He didn’t even remember how he got to his home. And then Jack puts extra efforts to know about what happened last light. He forces himself to open his eyes. And the first thing he sees is a couple of aspirin next to a glass of water.

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Loving wife kept aspiring for husband to overcome the hangover

He takes medicine to overcome his hangover. And what he sees next is his clothes are all pressed and clean for him to get dressed up. And then he gets shocked to see one his eyes black in the mirror. He also finds a note hanging in the corner of the mirror, written in red with little hearts and a kiss mark from his wife’s lipstick. The note read:

“Dear husband, last night you came home drunk and made a huge racket. But don’t worry! Breakfast is on the stove. I left early to get groceries to make your favorite dinner tonight. I love you, darling!
Love, Jillian”

He was quite confused after reading it. And as he moved to the kitchen, he saw the breakfast was ready with his hit coffee. He saw his son eating breakfast on the dining table. And he asked him about what happened last night. And why was his mom so happy even after his hangover.

Jack woke up with a black eye and hangover


Boom! The truth is revealed.

His son tells him that he came home after three in the morning. He was out of his mind and fell on the coffee table. He threw up in the hallway and got a black eye after banging into a door. And his mother was in a happy mood because:

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His Mom dragged the daddy to the bedroom and tried to take his pants off. The father screamed, ’Leave me alone, I’m married! I’m married!

Jack and his wife shared a great bond

We know that you might have got cramps in your stomach. Hahaha! If you liked this story, do tell us in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share it with your friends too. And a small piece of advice: Alcohol is injurious to health!  It could even abandon you from your own house. Haha! Because not everyone is lucky like Jack!