Sometimes, when you least expect to meet someone, you get a surprise that can be pleasant. A man from Canberra, Australia, made a friend when he was not even sure of what to do with it. According to Ali Safa, he has never had the experience of having a pet. He has always been very lonely. But this time, this little four-legged friend fell right in his laps.

Ali went to a local park to spend the day when this happened “I was just looking at my phone, that’s all.” And without realizing it, he fell asleep.

When I woke up from my nap, I wasn’t alone. “At first I thought it was a rat. But then I realized it was a kitten. I didn’t care if it had fleas or not, because if it did, I had probably already got them, so it didn’t matter.”

Ali immediately took out his phone and started to click pictures of his new friend. He decided to adopt the cat and took it on Reddit to share this story.

He wrote this on the post informing the Reddit users.

“He’s the funniest cat I’ve ever played with, and also the most stubborn and attention-seeking. I can’t literally do anything at home without him around, and I’ve given up trying to train him to sleep in the little bed I’ve bought him. So he shares my bed and his is there gathering dust in the corner of the room.” He’s even given him a name: Angel.