Not all heroes wear capes.

Don’t we just love when someone does something really great for the fur babies living in the shelter house? We surely do. That’s why we are totally in love with this incredible story where a talented 23-ears-old guy is making beds for pets with old tires. Sounds so cool, right? Of course, it does. And do you what? These beds so freaking cute and comfortable.

The name of this talented artist is Amarildo Silva Filho and he says “the only way to do a great job is to love what you do.”

How exactly does he transform these tires into beds?

If you are curious to know how exactly Filho makes beds, you are in luck because we know it. What he does is that he collects tires from the streets. Then, he carefully cleans them and cuts them. After this, he paints the tires to make them look attractive. At last, he adds a comfortable mattress and carrying straps. Not just this but he also adds the name of the pets to make the beds even better. 

The animals love these beds and curl up in them to keep themselves warm and cozy.

The idea of making cute and cozy beds from old tires came to Filho a couple of years back. What happened that he saw a few old tires lying around. He then thought of making something better with them. And that’s how the world was blessed with cute pet beds.

The beds are for both cats and dogs, and they love his work equally.

We’re all supporting his selfless work!

He personalizes some beds with the names of the animals.

And the animals appreciate his work.

From dirt to gold, these useless tires can come in handy now.

Look at how happy it makes them!

By painting the tires, he brings colors to the lives of these dogs as well.

Amarildo Silva Filho deserves recognition for his amazing work.

Eco-friendly people from all around the world use his work.

And, needless to say, everyone is very satisfied with it. Look at that smile!

The beds are big enough to fit a couple of pups in them too.

And the strays that had to struggle a lot to find warmth, can now easily sleep in peace.

Those eyes speak for themselves.

His upcycled work has proved to be very useful for stray and shelter animals.