Brendan Bingham and his family were celebrating a regular Thanksgiving when they discovered a kitten buried in the snow of his backyard. It almost felt like the kitten was lifeless, and so the family quickly rushed him to the house and did everything to warm him up. They even tried some CPR to bring his life back After a few hours of struggle, the little feline made it to life and was back to normal.

Initially, the fur ball resisted until she felt secure about the humans that surrounded him. But the equation quickly changed after Brendan gave him lots of love. He named his kitten Lazarus, and a year later both of them are totally obsessed with each other.

“He’s just there by my side for anything, no matter what, and no matter what mood he’s in. It’s the cutest thing!” Brendan shared. We are glad, that she has found a forever home that has plenty of love for her.

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