Guys, do you believe in miracles? If not, this sweet and amazing story will make you believe in miracles and magic. 

This story is about a man Jennie Clutterbuck who actively works at pet adoption events. While he is close to all the cute dogs but a stray dog from Florida’s shelter house has touched his heart. This dog was terrified and no one came forward to help her. And then, just a few weeks before Christmas something really good happened. 

“Sofia is the dog that breaks your heart every time you walk by their kennel because they Just. Look. So. Sad. She is sweet as can be but definitely was terrified in the shelter,” Clutterbuck wrote on Facebook. “Yesterday she loaded up with all the other dogs to head to Mega [Mega Adoption Event]. Today, I looked over to see her absolutely losing her marbles, so happy, jumping all over, and thought holy cow she found someone she really likes. It turns out this is her Dad!!”

“Her name is actually Daisy, she came to us as a stray, and she had been missing since Thanksgiving,” explains Clutterbuck. “Their baby sitter recently saw her on our website! Dad has been working 7 days a week since Hurricane Matthew for a tree service… Well, today he raced down on his lunch break to get his girl. The change in her was absolutely out of this world. I’m not gonna lie… I totally boohooed.”

Daisy escaped from the yard when one day, the gate was left open accidentally. After that, her owners looked for several weeks but couldn’t found her.

“PS – they were talking about her age in the video as we had her listed as younger than she actually is which is why dad was showing us her teeth. LOL. Apparently, they’re in pretty good shape!”

Now, this is a wonderful Christmas present for Daisy and for her family!