A best friend a human can have is a dog, so we’ve heard. They are the most loyal and loving animals one can find on this planet. It goes without saying that if it wasn’t for the cruelty of reality, every dog would have had a perfect home and a loving owner. For those who do not find a home right away, shelter homes are a second option. The same happened with two pit bulls who were rescued by Robert McGowan.

McGowan is a man with a heart big enough to look past the stigma attached to pit bulls. The breed is often making headlines for attacking and causing severe damage to people simply because of their nature. However, that is not always the case. It is said that dogs can become aggressively protective of their owners when in danger. The same happened with McGowan’s rescued pit bulls whom he named Ellabelle and Ladybug. The sisters did not forget how their dad saved them from abandonment and paid their debt when the occasion rose.

Pit bulls save their owner’s life

One normal evening, McGowan was sitting out in his garage next to his car with the door wide open. However, McGowan is startled when he sees four strangers rushing inside his establishment. Within a blink of an eye, they begin attacking him. McGowan said, “One just punched me straight in the eye. I was knocked off my chair.” The assailants then made their purpose clear when they asked McGowen for the keys to his car.

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The bruised and injured man tells them that the keys are inside the house. Unaware of what they would face inside, one would-be thief opened the door to the house only to see Ellabelle and Ladybug greet them. McGowan says, “They chased them out. My girls ran into the garage and stood over me. They stood there barking, making it clear that no one was going to hurt me anymore. The four people took off.”

The proud daddy of two pit bulls was left with a black eye and no further damage. Moreover, they saved the car from being stolen. But don’t think for a second that they were not rewarded for their heroism. The dog owner said, “They got toys and treats. They got good stuff.” In light of this incident, McGowan is asking more people to rescue dogs. He says, “They are rescues. Unwanted dogs. They saved my life. Please consider adopting a rescue. They might save your life too.”