Sometimes, it feels like animals have some strange kind of magical powers that we are not aware of. Otherwise, how would they know that we humans need extra love and care to feel better on our low days? 

And do you what? Animals can actually understand what a human wants better than anyone else. You don’t believe that, right? No worries because there is a story that will restore your faith in the human and animal relationship. 

This story is about a man who was recovering from surgery. This man is the father of Andrew Falloon who is one of the Members of Parliament for Rangitata in New Zealand. After the surgery, one evening Mr. Falloon Sr. was sleeping and when he awoke, he found a mysterious cat cuddling him. Awww!

Scroll down to see their precious pictures. 

A man recovering from surgery woke up to a cat cuddling him – only he doesn’t own a cat

Mr. Falloon’s said that “mum arrived home and found them cuddled up together on the couch,” He further added, “She snapped the photo before waking Dad up. He was pretty surprised to find the cat curled up!”

People on Twitter couldn’t stop tweeting about the adorable pair

“After Mum sent me the photo I popped it up on Twitter, thinking it might make a few people smile, but I never expected it would go so far. When I went to bed on Sunday night (New Zealand time) it had a couple of thousand views, when I woke up it was in the millions. Now it’s in the tens of millions.”

Falloon wrote, “He’s from somewhere in the neighborhood. It isn’t the first time he’s turned up to their house, but his first time he’s jumped up on Dad. Apparently, his name is Ziggy and it’s quite common for him to go wandering.”

“Up until now my Dad hasn’t really been much of a cat person, but I guess he is now”. “Ziggy seems to have adopted my Dad, so I’m not sure if they’ll get another cat. My parents are just happy to have him visit every so often.”

“It’s nice to have Dad on the mend after his operation, but he’s a bit blown away by all the coverage. I had to explain to him what Twitter was and how it’s been seen by so many people.”