Most of the time Tik Tok videos are funny but sometimes, they can teach us something great. Like this time a feminist writer and video content creator Mohammed Farhan has made an on-point video about common women’s issues. 

He is addressing everything, from the way women are judged for their clothing choices to their body hair. To give you a glimpse of this video, we have shared 35 of his best insights. 

“But more importantly, I believe, is teaching young men of their specific roles in the patriarchy and how toxic masculinity is dangerous to both themselves and those around them,” he said, calling for introspective activism. “We should also work to build a culture where men hold other men accountable for the perpetuation of the rape culture we have become accustomed to. As men, a lot of us have to unlearn these damaging habits. As men, we have to play an active role if we want to see change.”


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