A man felt numbness in his legs, and he almost died because he couldn’t pass a huge p**p.

All of us have been in situations where things took a little longer than usual.

After sitting on the throne for too long, some people might have gotten a bad case of pins and needles.

It’s pretty rare, though, to be so constipated that you can’t move.

A 53-year-old man went to the hospital by himself because he had been feeling sick and having stomach pain and swelling for three days.

The worst of his symptoms, though, was a pain in his right leg, which he couldn’t move for 24 hours.

In their case report, doctors say that the leg had “no palpable pulse” and was “cold to the touch.”

His medical history showed that he did not use drugs, had no risk of vascular disease, and had no major health problems.

He just had a really bad case of constipation, as it turned out.

Doctors say that a rectal exam showed that the man had stools that were stuck together.

A scan of his abdomen showed that he had extreme fecal compression and abdominal compartment syndrome, which basically increased pressure in the abdomen and could have killed him.

It seems that his p**p was so backed up that it pushed on his right iliac artery and made his large intestine bigger.

That huge amount of pressure hurt his leg and made him unable to move it.

He also had signs of renal failure and metabolic acidosis, which is when the kidneys stop getting rid of as much acid from the body.

Because the man’s health was so bad, he had to go into surgery right away to get rid of the backed-up feces and relieve the pressure in his abdomen.

Doctors wrote in their report:

Significant faecal disimpaction was performed manually under general anaesthesia with approximately 2 Liters of faeces removed.

After a large amount of p**p was cleaned out, he was given a drug that works as a laxative.

He could leave the intensive care unit after four days, but it would be another 13 days before he could walk again.

The doctors didn’t know what was going on with him.

If you have this much constipation, it can be very dangerous.

A teenage girl who was afraid of toilets and held her bowel movement for eight weeks before going to the bathroom died in 2015.

Because of the buildup, the space in her chest got smaller, and she died of a heart attack.

So, if you have problems on this scale, you should talk to a professional right away.

No matter what, you should never “hold it in.”