Recently, a man gave his first-class seat to an 88-year-old lady. He was traveling with his family in the first-class but decided to swap his seat with Voilet and made her dream come true. We know this is the cutest story of this week ?

Scroll down to know how the young man on a Virgin Atlantic flight from New York to London made Violet’s dream come true. 

Jack, a New York-London flight passenger, offered to swap his 1st class seat with 88YO Violet from economy

It was always her dream to fly up in the front of the plane

A flight attendant shared the wholesome story on her Facebook and it soon went viral

Violet also asked for a selfie so that she could show her daughter as she wouldn’t believe it

The internet was in awe of Jack’s selfless act of kindness, even Violet’s relatives came out to say thanks

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