You have seen people rasing abondonded kittens and puppies. Poeple really go out of their was to look after little babies who have no mothers or pet parents to look after.  But today, we bring you a man who looked after an teeny tiny parakeet egg. He futher took care of the little baby bird and made it grow into a beautiful budgie.

The YouTube channel A Chick Called Albert has recently posted a video documenting the heartwarming journey of a tiny parakeet egg that was found abandoned at a pet shop, growing into a beautiful little bird.  Thanks to the man who did not leave the egg behind alone.

“I was in a pet shop, when I noticed something odd,” reads the text in the video. “There was a little egg on the floor of the budgie’s cage. I only saw a male budgie. The owner told me she had just sold the female. Luckily, she was happy to give the egg to me.”

There was only a male bird in the cage since the female had just been sold

The guy decided to take the matter into his own hands and attempt to save the little eggie

After the egg was handed over to the man, he safely kept it in a match box home.

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Later, when he arrived home, he put the egg in the incubator and began to notice it every single day.

After a few days of incubating, he was already able to see a beating heart inside the egg

“From that moment on, he grew fast,” reads the text in the video.

And then, on the 19th day of taking care of the egg, the bird finally started hatching

“So far, so good. But this was just the start,” the man narrates

The bird was tiny and extremly fragile. “He needed food and since a parrot is new to me, I had studied everything about how to feed him,” the guy narrates. “It could be done, but it wouldn’t be easy…”

He had to repeat the feeding process 8 times a day

The baby was growing quickly and with each day, it looked more and more like a grown-up parakeet

While his bird son was growing, the guy kept thinking about the bird’s dad that was left behind at the pet store. “So I called the pet shop. He was still there,” he narrates. “I told them I would come for him, as soon as his son could fly.”

When the little one started flying, the man decided to come back to the store and take the bird’s dad too

After just a week, the video has already gathered over 13.5 million views

YouTube video

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