Man finds $7.5 million inside $500 storage unit

One man got really lucky after he purchased a storage unit from Dan Dotson, the “Storage Wars” star. The man found $7.5 million dollars, that too in cash, inside the storage unit.

The safe found inside the storage unit wasn’t easy to open at all. After some time and efforts, the safe finally cracked open. The true return on their investment was inside the safe and they couldn’t believe what they saw inside it.

When the storage unit’s owner got to know about it, they immediately reached out to their owner to remedy the loss of millions of dollars.

After some settlement among themselves, the buyer of the storage unit was allowed to keep $1.2 million as reward for returning the money. What better profit can you earn from an investment of $500. The man got really lucky.

Meanwhile, Dan Dotson is looking forward to return the money to its real owner.

Source: TMZ, The Independent 

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Written by Mitansha Chopra

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