When we say love knows no boundaries, it’s because there are people who are constantly proving their love. Like Zack Nelson. He has designed an off-road wheelchair so that her wife can travel places she has never imagined. If that’s not true love, we don’t know what is. 

Since Zack’s wife, Cambry is paralyzed, he came with a brilliant idea. And we are lovin’ it! To make this amazing wheelchair, he has spliced two electric bikes with a seat in the center. Cambry said she is getting an experience like never before. 

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Here’s their video introduction of the off-roader

“The toughest challenge when developing ‘Not-A-Wheelchair’ is the price. We wanted to create something that is affordable for everyone. Finding quality components, and a simple enough design at the cheapest price possible took quite a bit of time,” Zack told us. “But I think we have something now that everyone will be able to enjoy, at a fraction of the cost of other ‘off-road wheelchairs’ currently on the market.”

“It’s silent, which means that we can all still talk and chat while she rides next to the group,” her husband explained.

“We have taken The Rig to Hawaii twice for testing. The bike has to be shipped with a freight company before we go, but we ship The Rig about a week before we fly out ourselves, and it’s waiting there for us when we arrive. All this travel was before COVID was a thing. Luckily, we also live near mountains and snow with long wide flat trails to try the bike out on.”

‘Not-a-Wheelchair’ is fully electric and super quiet

The accessible bike can go 12mph

It has a range of 10-20 miles with one battery, and 25-35 miles with two batteries (depending on terrain, the weight of the rider, and weight of the cargo)

“Our whole goal is to provide something that is capable and affordable”

It has a rear rack mounting system to hold wheelchairs, coolers, camping gear, or a picnic basket

‘Not-a-Wheelchair’ was constructed using bike parts, so maintenance and repairs are really easy

It has an aluminum frame, detachable bumper, and four-inch off-road bike tires

With the bumper off, ‘Not-a-Wheelchair’ is 5 feet long and 32 inches wide

Which makes it fit in shortbed pickups with the tailgate up and also Jeeps and Subaru Outbacks

And can get through most doorways

Even though it handles most places pretty well

But it can struggle with loose sand or loose snow, as a bike would

The recommended weight limit is 225lb

And the base model with no suspension and one battery costs $3,750

Here’s what people said about the couple and ‘Not-a-Wheelchair’