Hey people, what if we told you that a US man is so efficient that he changed his career three times? Many of us don’t even manage to make one successful career, but this man goes on from being a Navy Seal, to a doctor and finally became a successful NASA astronaut. Felt like you did nothing so far, you’ll be shocked to know that he achieved it all by the age of 37.

Dr Jonny Kim was interested to join up to be a Navy Seal when he was nearly 16 -years old. So, he enlisted himself and never went to college, this was a big disappointment for his mother. 

It almost feels like he was meant for this job, but Kim told NBC his mum ‘cried’ when he decided to join the military rather than go to college.

He explained: “She didn’t like it very much. I think a lot of Asian Americans at least 20 years ago when I was going through this process just didn’t really, weren’t really comfortable with it.”

However, he was determined and stuck by his decision. Kim became an elite Navy Seal team member after finishing his training in Colorado and he even went on to complete 100 combat operations. He also served as a Special Operation Combat Medic, a navigator and a sniper. And just when you think that is it, his Silver and Bronze Star with valour will surprise you.

With his existing and impressive military career, Kim enrolled at the University of San Diego in 2021 to get a degree in Mathematics. But he also told us that his experiences in the war zone think about becoming a doctor.

So, this is how he went off to Harvard to become a physician and completed it at Harvard Medical School in 2016.

It wasn’t long enough that he realised that we wanted to do more for people. Kim realized that his ultimate goal is to serve humanity. And so, he decided to be an astronaut.

His capabilities got him through the NASA selections.

His career at NASA has also been record-breaking, with Kim becoming the first Korean-American NASA astronaut.

And he’s been placed on the NASA ARTEMIS team, meaning he’s eligible to apply for a mission to the moon in 2024. Well, he might as well go to the moon, he’s already completed Earth.

Kim, who is married with two kids, told NBC: “We are all a lot stronger and more capable than we really know.

As for his future plans, Kim says he will listen to his inner compass that ‘has always pointed me towards being impactful and public service, and that opens a lot of opportunities’.

He added: “So I don’t know what it’s gonna be specifically, but I know it’s going to be following that same compass.”