It is never easy to bid a final goodbye to your furry friend. Since you are always with your pup, he actually becomes a part of your life. When he dies, it feels like a part of you has been separated. And the pain can last for even years. 

But luckily, there are a few people in the world who are ready to make you feel better no matter what. Sometimes these people are your closed ones and sometimes they are someone you have never imagined of. Like in this story the support and love are coming from a pet store. Yes, you have read it right!

There is a man named Joseph Inabnet who has shared something unexpectedly good after he lost his dog, Bailey. 

After Bailey had passed away, this man thought of returning the unopened pack of dog food to the store so that someone in need could get ’em. But the reply that he received from the local dog food shop was very heart touching. 

In response, the dog food company asked Joseph to donate the food to the dogs that are in need. And also, that he will get a refund. He was, of course, surprised by the response but he has never thought that he will hear from them again.

What happened next will truly amaze you. A couple of days later, Joseph again received a packet from the dog food company. When he opened it, he was totally stunned.

In the box, there was an oil painting of his furry friend Bailey and a gift card. This was done because the company wanted to make sure Joseph has a beautiful and sweet memory of his dog. Awww!

The card reads: “It’s hard to say goodbye to a loved one. They will always be remembered and cherished. With heartfelt sympathy, ‘Pets come into our lives, leave Paw Prints on our hearts and we are forever changed.’
We’re sending lots of love and positive thoughts. If you ever need anything, we’re always here. Warmly, the chewy Family.”

To show how happy and grateful he is, Joseph made an amazing Facebook post about this entire incident. And the best thing is that his post went viral in no time. In just a few days, his post got over 100k likes and 60k shares. 

This post has also worked in favor of the local dog food shop Chewy. It’s because after seeing the great customer service, many people have promised to become of their loyal customers.

The post didn’t go unnoticed by the company too. They wrote a lovely message showing appreciation for their customer.

Here’s how people reacted