A man lived for 82 years without even knowing what a woman looks like.

Mihailo Tolotos was born in 1856.

His mother passed away not long after he was born, so he never got to see her.

He was raised by Orthodox monks at a monastery on Mount Athos in Greece.

Because of this, Tolotos had to follow very strict rules that had been in place for hundreds of years.

One rule he had to follow was that women were never allowed in the monastery.

You’d think he could visit nearby towns, where he would be sure to meet some women.

Well, it turns out that he never left Mount Athos, so the answer is no.

He only knew about women from texts, books, and what their friends said about them.

The monks who stayed at Mount Athos after he died think that Tolotos never saw a woman during his whole life.

He passed away in 1938 when he was 82 years old.

In a newspaper article about his death, it was said that women weren’t the only things Tolotos had never seen in his life.

The article states:

Neither had he beheld an automobile, a movie or an aeroplane.

man who never saw a woman

He’s not the only man in history who’s said to have never met a woman.

“The real-life Tarzan,” Ho Van Lang, didn’t see a woman for 40 years.

During the Vietnam War, he left civilization in 1972 with his brother and father.

Lang spent most of his life in the Vietnam jungle, in the Tay Tra district of Quang Ngai province. This is where Docastaway found him.

He found food by any means necessary, whether it was fruit, honey, a monkey, a snake, a lizard, a frog, or something else from the wild.

When asked if he knew what a woman was, he said that his father had never told him.

Even when they lived in the jungle, they only ever saw five people, and each time, they ran away and hid.

In 2015, Alvaro Cerezo found the family and told news.com.au:

They always escaped when they saw people from a distance.

More surprising still is that today, despite being able to distinguish between men and women, he still doesn’t know the essential difference between them.

Lang passed away at the age of 52 in 2021 due to cancer.