Whether humans or animals, mamas have the biggest hearts. They can do anything for their children and protect them from unseen challenges. So, when a Labrador named Daisy Duke became mama, she did everything that any other new mom would do.

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Among all the pups, Daisy was close to the littlest pup. To capture the heartwarming relationship, the owners decided to switch on the camera to capture the pure bond. 

Daisy had given birth just a few days before when the owners started filming. Her litter of puppies consisted of four black pups and four white, with one of them being the runt.

Daisy cared for the runt named Lucy as if she was aware the pup was different than her siblings.

The owners first took notice of what was going on after realizing one of the pups wasn’t with the group.

Daisy’s loving, motherly behavior is certainly one that touches your heart. However, not every situation turns out quite like this.

Like a good mom, Daisy takes good care of all eight of her pups. But the fact that she knows that Lucy needs additional attention is super-sweet!