This is Loryn. Loryn is a golden retriever. But, she’s the mother of these cutest baby goats.


So were we, when we first met this cute little mama dog.

Loryn has always been around farm animals, shared Andrea Holley. Andrea is  Loryn’s mom. She confirmed that Loryn is the most loving dog ever. She has been of Andrea’s help for years and continues to be.

Loryn loves all the farm babies like her own

Nevertheless, as soon as Holley adopted these baby goats; Loryn has been a mother to them. The mama dog and the goats are inseparable. In fact, she doesn’t even realize, they are not her pups but goats.

Here is a collection of pictures featuring mama dog, Loryn and her baby goats-

Andrea shared that, “Goats are the most loving, easy-going creatures”

The baby goats fell in love with Loryn in no time.

They spend a lot of time together.

They are inseparable.

They love cuddles and naps together.

They play with each other as well.

Andrea calls Loryn her right-hand man as she is very meticulous about the animal’s safety.