If education is done right, it can change the world for the better. This is why the teachers of Spain are taking a stand for a male student who was expelled for wearing a skirt. 

As a protest, this year 37-year-old Manuel Ortega and 36-year-old started showing up in the class wearing skirts. It’s all part of the Clothes Have No Gender (#laropanotienegenero) movement. This movement wants to put a stop to gender norms in the European country.

Teacher Borja Velázquez, along with his coworker Manuel Ortega, reignited the Clothes Have No Gender movement after a recent incident

They both decided to wear skirts to class and teach their students about tolerance after a student at their school was bullied for the clothes he was wearing

Ortega (left) and Velázquez (right) are fighting against gender stereotypes. They’re among a number of Spanish male teachers wearing skirts

Jose Piñas was one of the first teachers to show solidarity at work back in the Autumn of 2020 after a male student was expelled for wearing a skirt

Mikel Gómez, who was expelled for wearing a skirt, shared more information about what happened in a viral TikTok video

You can watch the full video right here

@mikelgmzNo me daba tiempo a contarlo todo☠️##parati♬ original sound – Mikel Gómez


And here’s a translation of what the student says, just in case you don’t speak Spanish

Gómez inspired lots of other students and teachers to dress in skirts and promote tolerance

Here’s how some internet users have reacted to the Clothes Have No Gender movement