Letting a new person in the family circle is definitely not easy, but people do it beautifully. However, there is one family whose male relative thought it would be fun to prank their future son-in-law to test his manliness. What they didn’t know was that extending their prank would get them uninvited from the wedding.

The four male family members have surely crossed the line in getting to know their in-laws. The story was shared by a 22-year-old female on r/AITA who “grew up in a family where men prank and tease each other.”

But ever since the author got engaged with her fiance Tim, her cousin, brother, dad, and uncle started running the “tests to see what type of man Tim is.” Every test was more twisted than the previous one, and it all led to their final ordeal that shocked not only the author but the entire internet. No wonder she blew up and decided to uninvite them from their wedding.

Read below to see what happened and be sure to share your thoughts on this whole situation in the comment section.

And this is how people reacted to this whole situation

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Others pointed out that it may be the author’s fault for not shutting down the toxic members of her family earlier