There have been major decisions taken on the technical disciplinary by The Grand Prix Commission on 3rd November 2018.

1. Data Analysis

The Technical Director can now download all the required data directly from the ECU. This will help the officials to verify that the data has not been tampered with. After all the verifications, the data would be wiped off from the Official PC.

2. ECU and Connections

Only the official unified CAN decoupler can be used by the teams. Teams are restricted to make any kind of modifications or alterations to it.


3. Ambient Fuel Temperature.

From the previous 60 minutes, the lead team from the ambient temperature announcement to the start is now 75 minutes. This will help the team to carry out the fuel filling process in an effective manner.

4. Helmets

A single and much-enhanced standard for the helmet is now established by the FIM.

5. Speeding In Pit Lane

The fine for overspeeding in the Pit Lane might increase from the existing C200. The Stewards are now at the liberty to impose larger penalties for the repetitive offense.

Source- Moto GP