We know that you are shocked after reading the headline. And obviously, it is quite astonishing! How can we imagine a dog recreating, our favorite celeb, Madonna’s iconic photos? But yes, this is true and a dog has been shot by French Photographer, Vincent Flouret. And believe us, the dog is actually slaying in the role.

The photographer told that he has recently worked on this project and it is very close to his heart. Because This photoshoot features his 6-year-old dog, Max. He also shared about how he trained his little doggo for this shoot. Max is very playful and thus, he finds only those things interesting with which he can play. So if Vincent wants the dog to wear a hat for the shoot, he brought it at least some weeks ago. And played with the dog with that hat. Thus, the dog could wear it at the time of shooting seamlessly.

Dog recreates Madonna's iconic photos

Now, Max and Vincent have recreated Madonna’s iconic photos. And the project is titled ‘Maxdonna’, which is a combination of Madonna and Max. Vincent took 8 months to get Max ready for the homemade costumes, pictures, and training. He did this project to pay a tribute to his favorite celeb Madonna. He could not find a better way than this to utilize the break between his commercial work. And no doubt, Max actually slays as the Queen of Pop.

Dog in Madonna's True Blue Album Cover

Also, this shoot has charitable respect which makes it more special. Thus, all the money collected from the sold prints of the shoot will be donated to Madonna’s charity Raising Malawi. The charity works to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children who live in Malawi.

After watching these pictures, the netizens have already gone crazy. As they compare Madonna with the dog. Many have even appreciated the efforts. And have found the dog more appealing in the recreation of Madonna’s iconic photos.