Madison Bumgarner News

MLB trade deadline is finally over, and perhaps the biggest trade deal on the last deal was actually a no-deal from the Giants. Madison Bumgarner, one of the most popular pitchers in the free agency was finally retained. San Francisco Giants were kind off out of the playoffs, and hence it was expected that they would trade out Bumgarner as they have no use for him.

Even the top MLB teams were ready to sign Bumgarner including names such as New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves. But contrary to every speculation, Madison will stay in the Giants uniform for a few more months. Here are the reasons why Bumgarner was no traded from the Giants in the MLB trade deals.

Bumgarner on Staying with the Giants

Bumgarner on Staying

Madison Bumgarner was aware of every rumor and knew that there are chances that the Giants trade him to some other team. Still, he kept his calm and focused on his game, and he practiced his pitching. Here is what Bumgarner said in an interview before the game, on the Giants not trading him.

I feel exactly the same as before as I was not giving it much of thought earlier too. I feel I am doing a good job on the field and not letting any of the stupid thoughts crawl into my mind. I never expected to be traded anywhere else, it is the same as before. I don’t feel like crossing a hurdle, I have got a job to do and I will do it my full focus on it.

Future of the Giants in next MLB Season

Future of Giants

The reason why Bumgarner was believed to be traded earlier was due to Giants having a terrible score. At that point, the team of San Francisco was just at 36-47, and there was no chance of them to make it to the playoffs. Madison Bumgarner kind of change that numbers with an ERA of 2.70 and now the Giants are at 17-6, closer to contention.

It looks like now the Giants have the chance to make it to the wild card spot and then to the playoffs. They have kept Bumgarner, Will Smith and added Scooter Gennett in their bullpen for the next MLB season. As they are winning games with Bumgarner, there is no point in making a trade deal for him.