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Madden NFL 20 Review: Is The Game Worth its Price?

Madden NFL 20 Review

Madden NFL 20 has just been released and is already generating a lot of buzz among the gaming community. EA decided to put everything into Madden 20 so that the types of gamers find it suitable for their fit. The fanbase for the NFL game was divided into two fronts, half wanted it to be realistic and other half liked the prepacked Madden.

The makers have combined both of the features by introducing arcade-style vs. stimulation play and users can choose from the two. Here are the other great features and the review for Madden NFL 20 and reactions on its launch.

Gameplay and Graphics

Madden NFL 20 Review Graphics and Performance

One of the biggest difference EA has made in the Madden 20 gameplay is differentiating the player ratings. The players are now rated between 60 and 99, with most of them rarely crossing 80 and thus making it consistent with actual NFL stars. The transitions are smooth, there are new slick animation styles, tackles, and catches.

It has also added the signature celebrations of various players including the cover star Patrick Mahomes. As far as the graphics go, Madden 20 had done a great job and the players look fluid and sharp. The effects while playing Madden NFL in 4K looks amazing and the attention to detail is incredible.

Superstar X  Factor

Madden NFL 20 Review Superstar Mode

Madden NFL 20 has added two modes called Superstar and Superstar X factor in their latest edition. The X factor trait gives amazing abilities to any player which is kind of the highest level of development. While the Superstar player can earn Zone abilities, they do not have the X factor abilities which are much more powerful. It includes making consecutive passes, defending two passes and so much more.

Reaction and Reviews

Madden NFL 20 Review Reactions and Reviews

Fans of Madden NFL 20 are in kind of love with the new games and have amazing reactions. It has been only two days since the game came out and they have already played it for a long time. Here are the best reaction reviews on the Madden NFL 20 game.

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