Apple MacBook Pro 2019 specs features price

Apple blogosphere has been silent about the MacBook Pro 2019, but we expect the new device soon because Apple has been releasing a new variant every year for the past six years.

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However, some tech analysts are claiming that Apple is not showing any intent to pack major upgrades.

Apple MacBook Pro 2019 Specifications

According to a report of LaptopMag, the biggest change in Apple MacBook Pro 2019 will be to upgrade the processor. The report claims that Apple will use Intel Whiskey Lake processors for MacBook Pro 2019.

If Apple uses Whiskey Lake chipset, then users will get a faster wireless connection because of the integrated Gigabit network chip.

MacBook Pro 2019 Specs

Another rumor claims that MacBook 2019 is expected to sport an OLED display. The report claims that Apple has been in contact with Samsung for the supply of OLED panels.

However, it is to be expected that Apple might use these OLED panels in MacBook Pro 2020 since the launch date of 2019 variant is close.

According to the report of Forbes since Apple does not have enough time to design and launch the MacBook 2019 edition with an OLED panel. In the same report, Forbes also mentioned the possible use of AMD Navi GPU in the MacBook Pro 2019.

MacBook Pro 2019 Price

Interestingly AMD Navi has been found in the source code of Mojave.

As for the requirements of people, many have requested Apple to add some functionality and features to the Touch Bar, focusing on the needs of audio and video editors. Many users do not want any new features, but they want Apple to work on the battery capacity of the upcoming MacBook Pro.

Looking at the current state of Apple Blogosphere, it seems like they have very little to no expectation from the Apple MacBook Pro 2019.