A note of warning: The topic here is sensitive and some people might not feel comfortable reading it. If you think you might get overwhelmed, you are suggested to read something lighter <3

Guys, get yourself ready to see humanity ripping apart! 

It’s a story about a bride-to-be who asks one of her bridesmaids not to come to her wedding as she might steal this lunatic bride’s thunder. And do you know what this bridesmaid has done to hear something like this? Well, she has done nothing wrong. 

Actually, this bridesmaid recently had a stillbirth and her heartless friend is afraid that she would steal her thunder with her sadness. Can you believe it? No, right?  Unfortunately, it’s all real and this bride-to-be’s heartlessness is making us sad. 

An exchange between a bride-to-be and her grieving friend went viral for all the wrong reasons

The bride, later on, battled it out with her other friends on Facebook

The groom left his fiance after he heard about what happened how she treated her friend who lost her baby

This is how the internet has been reacting to the horrible way the woman treated her friend who needed support