Lucifer Season 6 Canceled as Tom Ellis demands a High Salary

Lucifer Season 6 was renewed recently but it looks like it can be canceled again very soon. There are a lot of reasons why the sixth season of Lucifer always looked bleak as Netflix just wanted to end the show in the fifth season. It is why Netflix ordered the showrunners to create more episodes and split season 5 into two parts.

The news that Lucifer has been renewed for another season was a shocker to everyone and now there is a different kind of problem. Apparently, the lead star Tom Ellis who plays the titular character of Lucifer Morningstar is not happy with his contract deal and wants a higher salary. Netflix has reached its limit and it could mean that Lucifer Season 6 will be canceled if the negotiations fail.

Tom Ellis has Rejected Netflix Deal

Tom Ellis has Rejected Netflix Deal 

Tom Ellis has rejected the latest offer from Netflix studios as per some rumors and it is the main reason why Lucifer Season 6 could get canceled. As per TV Line reports, contract negotiations with the lead actor are not going well and the potential sixth season has come to a standstill. Ellis already had a deal with Netflix for season 6 but now he is demanding more money as he is not happy with the salary being offered to him.

It will be a breach of contract as Tom has already made a deal for the next season and he would have to honor the terms. Despite that Warner Bros. TV studio has offered new deals to Tom Ellis but the star is not ready to accept anything. Everyone wants Tom to be happy but there is a limit and it has reached, hinting that the future of Lucifer Season 6 is very uncertain at this point.

Lucifer Season 6 to be Canceled?

Lucifer Season 6 to be Canceled

Netflix has renewed a deal with Tom Ellis around six weeks ago but the recent reports indicate that there is a huge drama going on behind the scenes. Lucifer showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have also closed new deals for season 6 of the show.

Most of the other stars are already having long-term deals which won’t create any issues. But if Tom Ellis is not happy with the deal and decides not to return, Lucifer Season 6 will surely be cancelled as there is no Lucifer without Tom.

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