Lucifer season 4 has been officially confirmed by Netflix after FOX cancelled the show after 3 seasons. The first three seasons were quite successful and season four was renewed after a huge social media wave on #SaveLucifer.

So, let’s look at some of the things that you should know about the upcoming season. The fans of Lucifer had complained that the seasons were very long, generally having 22-25 episodes. Hence, Netflix has decided to have just 10 episodes for the fourth season.

Lucifer Season 4 is coming on Netflix

What will be Chloe’s reaction?

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Chloe could never find out the truth about Lucifer and took his warnings as gibberish. But, in the finale of season 3, she finally sees Lucifer’s devil face. And the episode ends before we could see her reaction (What a cliffhanger).

So, everyone is eagerly waiting to see where would Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship go from here. Nevertheless, fans are a little hopeful now, since the fourth season’s premiere is titled ‘Everything’s Okay’.

After Fox Network cancelled the show after three seasons, social media fans started a campaign with #SaveLucifer.

Lucifer Season 4 Plot and Twist

Lucifer season 4 cast and new characters

In Lucifer season 4,  a certain someone from Lucifer’s past will return and change everything. [Hint: It’s a girl]. The girl’s name is Eve and Inbar Lavi is going to play the role.

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She is Lucifer’s former lover who wants to rekindle the love she once lost.  Lucifer’s rival, Cain/Marcus Pierce was out of the show in the third season. And in Lucifer season 4, we might see more of Father Kinley.

He has a very kind and empathetic character. And there will be a lot of conflict between the two in the fourth season.

Lucifer is the Devil and this justifies his every sin and lavish lifestyle. So, it might test the limits of the series. But, since the series will air on Netflix, all the bets are off.

The most important part of the upcoming season will be the relation between Chloe and Lucifer. And how it will get affected after Eve’s arrival.