The festive seacons surely makes everyone have. But more than the decorations, it the Christmas music that is the actual source of happiness. It is not even a question that songs have a different sort of impact on people. And when it comes to some that make people happy, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is the #1 Christmas song.

Sadly, not everyone like the song as much as we do. In fact, a lot of peoplehate this song, which is something that we never bothered to understand.

Anyway, this beautiful Christmas song just broke another record and its time that we celebrate it.

Mariah LOVES reminding us that Christmas is HER season.

To be fair, what’s would lie to say, that the holiday season will be incomplete WITHOUT “All I Want For Christmas Is You”?!

Sure, great songs came before and after this hit, but there’s nothing quite like it!

Now, this best-selling hit is celebrating another crowning achievement.


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The 1994 hit track has become the first and only holiday single to take home the RIAA’s Diamond Award.

In the U.S., songs  make it to the certified diamonds list after they reach a staggering 10 million sales and cross particular streaming units.

“The continued love for my song never ceases to amaze me and fill my heart with a multitude of emotions,” the songstress said in a press release.


“It blows my mind that ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ has endured different eras of the music industry. The RIAA DIAMOND award?! Wowww! I’m so fortunate to have the greatest fans on Earth, my Lambily, who continue to support my legacy.”

“I love you,” she concluded, as per the interview.