Amy Hart out of the Love Island villa after an emotional heartbreak. However, she is seen in some of recently released unseen photage from the show. It’s the Saturday photage from the reality show to curate happiness for the air hostess’s fans and is not part of the regular weekday show.

In the clip of about 33 seconds, Amy is seen enjoying the balloon popping game as the other contestants compete. Danny who exited the villa last week with her connection Jourdan also appeared in the video too.

However, even after her exit, the air hostess seemed to have not lost her hopes of getting back with Curtis.  She claimed to be very much in love with him still. She also hinted on her plans to try and get back with him out of the show. Amy gave a heart-melting speech as she left the villa with a broken heart.

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Love Island, Amy Hart and Curtis

Why did Amy Hart leave Love Island villa?

Hart was devasted to know that her connection wanted to get back with Jourdan while she was in Casa Amor. And when she returned to the main villa to tell him how much she loved him. Curtis dropped the bomb on her, telling about the break up he had wanted.

He also made the confession about his intimate moment with Jourdan that hurt her even worse. The professional dancer told Amy that he did not feel the ‘connect’ and did not see the spark in their relationship. Moreover, he claimed to have his doubts on whether to be in the relationship or not much before.

However, Mirror Online reports that the air stewardess is out of the Love Island villa so she could heal from the heartbreak she recently had. And will be back in the show soon. Hence, her fans can only hope for her to be better sooner to return and win the Love Island Season 5.

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