Love Island 2019 rules

Love Island returned to the screens the previous week with more romance in the ITV2 villa. Many fans got curious about the show’s rules after Sherif Lanre’s exit.

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Love Island 2019 rules

The show brought a new singles group in the villa who hope to find love. All the contestants are given a rule book before entering the villa. This book includes all the dos and don’ts of the show. Unfortunately, Sherif Lanre had to leave the show as she broke some rules. But many people are confused as it wasn’t clear what exactly happened.

Love Island 2019 rules
Credits: TV Guide

A spokesperson for the show said,

After breaking the villa rules Sherif had conversations with the producers and it was mutually agreed that he would leave the Love Island villa.

In a statement, Sherif said that it was a case of poor judgment, and as he broke the rules, leaving the villa was the best decision. He regretted his actions, but he would definitely learn from it. He spends some great time at the villa and would stay in touch with everyone.

Love Island 2019 rules
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Sherif also talked about his Love Island regret, while his family took to Instagram. The producers have the right to remove the contestants from the show if they break any rules. After The Jeremy Kyle Show was canceled and Love Island 2019 came under scrutiny, ITV issued safety guidelines to the participants.

The guidelines include rules regarding smoking, sex, masturbation, appearing nude, drinking, phones, and several other aspects. The showrunners of Love Island 2019 don’t want anyone to get in trouble, so they make the contestants aware about the rules beforehand. Not following these rules can result in expulsion from the villa.