Joe Garratt Love Island 2019

Love Island 2019 is moving on smoothly. In the recent episode, the viewers witnessed the season’s second dumping. Unfortunately, Elma Pazar and Joe Garratt have to leave the villa. We know that Joe and Lucie were coupled together, so will Joe return to the villa.

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The show airs every night on ITV2 at 9pm. Joe Garratt got emotional while bidding farewell to Lucie Donlan. The two seemed really sad and viewers are left wondering if Joe will be called back to the villa. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Will Joe return to the villa?

Love Island 2019 Joe
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In Love Island’s second dumping, public saved Anton and Lucie by voting for them. The islanders had to vote for the couples which they thought were least compatible. Two couples, Anton and Elma and Lucie and Joe, faced the public vote and only one from each couple could be saved.

The viewers ended up choosing Lucie and Anton, which meant that Joe had to leave the show. Sadly, Joe had to leave and the two had to split up. The viewers had mixed feelings for Joe after he told Lucie that her friendship with Tommy was kind of weird. Even though Joe told Lucie that he would wait for her outside the villa, the fans are curious to know if the islander will return to the villa.

Love Island 2019 Joe
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ITV spokesperson said that it is highly unlikely for that to happen. They said,

There are no current plans for Joe to return to the villa. Although Joe has now left the villa, this has not stopped bookmakers from taking bets on his return.