Lorenzo withdraws from Motul Grand Prix of Japan


    In Thailand, the Spaniard sustained a wrist fracture and according to the reports, would be relaxing out for the entire weekend.

    The Ducati Team player Jorge has made a decision to pull out of the Lorenzo to test his physical condition after a brief outing in FP1.

    Paolo Ciabatti, Sporting Director at Ducati, spoke to the reporter of during FP1. At the press meet, director provided an up-to-date information regarding Lorenzo’shealth condition. He said, the player felt better after taking a rest for 2 weeks. But after intensifying the training in the last few days, Lorenzo has experienced severe pain. He had to undergo several tests and with the results we have come to know that the fracture has not been healed completely. He also pointed out that when injured it is not the right track to for the players to ride. We will have to wait to see what he has decided, whether to participate in the game or not with this fracture pain. But when you ask me,I would say it will be wise to not run, he concluded.

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