Fans sometimes go way out of their league to live their fantasies that they see in movies. Do you remember the Hobbit home from the Lord of the Rings? If we tell you that there is a real-life hobbit home, would you be interested in seeing the house? Redditor KahlumG recently shared pictures of his uncle Stuart Grant’s house on her account which people got so fascinated about, that it rapidly got spread on the Internet. Covered with moss from the exteriors, this house was built is 1980. The house gives you a 100% feel of a hobbit’s house from the inside.

Scroll down to see how the interiors and exteriors of the house look like. Also, KahlumG says that Stuart loves guests, so you might get a chance to visit the house in real.

Redditor KahlumG recently shared pictures of his uncle Stuart Grant’s real-life Hobbit house.

Built in the 1980s, it is as cozy inside as it is outside.

Here’s Stuart in front of his handiwork about 10 years ago.