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Live Action Movie Featuring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes to be Out Soon!


The Walking Dead fans are in for some good news. The franchise is looking to cast Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in a live-action movie.

Now we move on to The Walking Dead Episode 9×05 follow-up. We have some spoilers ahead in case you haven’t watched the final episode yet. The biggest news is that AMC decided not to kill Rick Grimes’ character. The final episode sees him getting flung from a helicopter and recovering from a brutal wound. Questions remain about where Rick Grimes went. Andrew Lincoln will not reprise his role in the AMC series anymore though he will appear in the movie.

Source- WTVR.com

It is not yet clear whether the movie will be a TV-movie or exclusive AMC release or a theatrical release. The movie will reveal where Rick Grimes went after disappearing from Alexandria. There is a buzz going around that the movie will have a sci-fi element and have apocalyptic setup. Walking Dead actors Michael Cudlitz, Austin Amelio and Ruben Blades could reprise their respective roles but this has not been announced by AMC yet. An official announcement is expected from AMC soon.

Source- Comicbook.com

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