After taking pictures of a young youngster terrifying the neighbors by creeping around in a Chucky costume, a mom experienced some unexpected viral success.

Although Halloween is when you’re most likely to encounter the individuals in your life dressed up, there are other occasions when they might dress bizarrely.

And yes, there are situations when there is a legitimate reason, such as at a themed party or when a mother tries to make her kids seem bad by dressing up as Post Malone.

But as that outbreak of clowns in 2016 showed us, sometimes people just like scaring people by dressing as something grotesque. When we’re dealing with an adult, it’s simple to interpret their intentions; but, when we’re ashamed to acknowledge that a child frightened us, things tend to get a little murkier.

Regardless matter how that scenario played out in one Alabama community, a delighted woman has now shared the joy she experienced with the rest of the globe.


Kendra Walden, of Albertville, Alabama, was returning home on July 13 after remodeling a home.

But she revealed to Today that as they were driving, she and the two other women she was working with noticed something odd.

Walden initially believed she was hallucinating because most people don’t necessarily expect to see Chucky from Child’s Play walking through a tranquil neighborhood.


But as she said, “When we got closer to him we saw that it was real. It scared the heck out of us.”

She was inspired by the scene to share what she had observed with her Facebook fans, and she added the following caption to her photos: “Dear Parents of the little boy in the chucky costume in Pinson. GET YOUR KID.… I almost had a heart attack.”

Everyone in the automobile screamed in response to the child, but they were also intrigued enough to turn around. The youngster briefly removed his mask, but other than that, he gave the skit his complete attention.


Walden had only planned on sharing her images with a select group of friends, but her post ended up receiving 16,000 comments, 51,000 likes, and 105,000 shares.

The majority of her responses agreed that the sequence was funny, especially this one where Chucky appears to be flipping his hair like he’s in a shampoo commercial.

Walden was simply happy that she was going on the trip with her staff and not her brother.

In her words, “My brother Zack, who is a Marine, was working on this house the day before. His biggest fear in the entire world is Chucky so he would have died on the spot.”


Walden was irritated to find that some of her post’s new viewers used it as an opportunity to mommy shame, even if the majority of her new viewers were there to have fun.

As she explained, “Some others have posted really rude things regarding him crossing the street alone and so forth. He did cross the street alone, but he looked both ways and made sure we were stopped before crossing.”

Such remarks, in her opinion, proved that no matter what you do, there will always be someone who objects to it.

As she continued, “It’s sad to see so many people come at his mother for allowing her child to have some fun — with his grandmother close by watching it all. I wish everyone would be more positive.”