It’s a sweet story of Chataro who was covered in fleas and ticks. This cute little kitten was badly infected and he also had feline leukemia & massive infections in one eye and several of his teeth. Oh, such a poor baby. 

But don’t get sad because this cat’s life changed after it showed up unannounced outside the house of its current owner. Now, both the cat and the owner are living happily. You can scroll down to have a look.

Chataro, when he arrived unannounced 4 years ago

He had trouble even standing

These days, he’s my best bud and doing a whole lot better

Snaggle-tooth the mighty!

Keeping my chair warm for me

Near his favorite window

Chataro likes to sleep on my hat, on my desk

Dreaming (of fish?)

Having a bad tooth day

Just thinking

Wrapped up for the night

In the morning sunshine

Right in front of where I usually sit

Chataro with his ape-man hot-water bottle

Soaking up the warmth

Just before sleep

Chataro showing off the famous snaggle-tooth

Chataro and his buddy the pool man

Even in black and white the gold somehow shines through. At least it does in my mind’s eye

My beautiful boy