Thought the spilled penta-focal point Nokia telephone was needless excess? All things considered, it appears as though LG may design one-up HMD Global — or should that be 11-up?


Another LG patent spotted by LetsGoDigital (h/t: Ice Universe) demonstrates a cell phone with 16 cameras on the back. The cameras are masterminded in four columns of four, though at contrasting points, as found in the principle picture. So for what reason would you need 16 cameras on a telephone?


Credits: Phone Arena


As indicated by the patent, the camera cluster can be utilized to 3D check objects, to just take 16 pictures from an assortment of edges, or to produce “moving pictures” by consolidating information from the different cameras. The patent likewise proposes you can supplant areas of a photograph with segments taken from an alternate edge.


It’s everything truly bonkers, however the organization has officially executed several these thoughts. For instance, the “shoot everything at an alternate point” approach is as of now utilized by LG for its V40 ThinQ cell phone.


Credits: Technowiz


Be that as it may, one issue LG may experience were it to attempt and actualize these sensors on a cell phone would be space. The sensors would should be a lot littler than the present versatile camera sensors with the end goal to fit into a cell phone frame factor, and cell phones as of now have a great deal of parts packed into their bodies. Littler sensors could prompt challenges in low light shooting as well as they aren’t ready to assemble as much light as bigger ones. LG may have the capacity to make utilization of picture combination and other handling advances to conquer this obstacle, however.


Credits: Android Central


In spite of the potential outcomes, the central issue LG may need to ask itself is essentially: are 16 super little cameras out of line? All things considered, there are as of now inquiries concerning whether two cameras are beneficial, especially when you take a gander at what the Google Pixel 3 can do with one camera.


Source: LG and Android Authority

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