LG Android 9 Pie update release date

Android 9 Pie was released way back in August 2018, and most of the smartphones are updated to the new OS. LG users are still waiting for their smartphones to update even after almost a year.

While some of the mobiles are testing Android Q beta, only a few LG phones received Android Pie update. As LG uses a custom version of Android OS, the wait for the update is making people angry. All the LG mobile users are concerned whether their phone is getting Android Pie update or not.

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Android Pie Features for LG Mobiles

LG Android Pie update

Android Pie has bought a lot of cool new features in the update, which has made the smartphones more intelligent. From Adaptive battery to an AI-based operating system, the Android 9 has everything we need. LG uses a custom skin in the Android version, which gives extra controls and more features. The new Android Pie update has improved performance, a dark mode, new themes, and longer battery life. For LG mobiles, Android Pie has fixed bugs and added a special top notch support feature.

Release Date for Updates

In a surprising turn of events, LG has not disclosed much information about the timeline of Android Pie update for its phones. In the meantime, only a few LG devices have received the update and that too in limited countries. LG G7 has been updated to Android Pie in Korea, while LG V40 and V30 are next on the list.

As for the other remaining LG smartphones, there is no solid piece of information. The rest of LG mobiles could get the Android Pie at the end of June, July or even around the end of 2019.

Android Pie Supporting LG Mobiles

LG Android Pie update

Sooner or later, most of the high-end LG mobile devices are bound to receive the Android Pie update. The thing which worries most of the LG users is that will there support the Android Pie update or not. As of right now, all the major flagships devices are running on Android 9. The confirmed list of LG smartphones as per the reports to receive Android Pie update is:

  • LG G7 ThinQ
  • LG V30 / V35 / V40
  • LG V20
  • LG G6
  • LG Q8, Q7
  • LG K30, Q Stylus