Lewis Hamilton Net Worth Instagram F1 Racing

Lewis Hamilton is probably the most popular Formula One driver and has a tremendous net worth. The five-time Formula One champion is also getting richer by the day. Hamilton is one of the most famous sports icons today with more than 12.4 million Instagram followers today. While he is earning good in racing sports, the new numbers show that Lewis Hamilton net worth can be increased through Instagram posts.

Recently, online influencers have started to earn a lot through product placements in their post. The money received is so high that one doesn’t even need to do anything else. It is the reason why Lewis Hamilton’s net worth can be now boosted using Instagram and not F1 racing.

What is Lewis Hamilton’s Net Worth?

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

Hamilton is one of the most successful British Formula One drivers and has won several titles. As of right now, Lewis Hamilton net worth is over $285 million. He is one of the highest-paid athletes with a weekly salary of £800,000 ($962,031) from Mercedes.

Hamilton makes around $55 million annually and comes at the rank 49 in terms of overall sports earnings. Lewis Hamilton’s net worth is going to increase further as he will be paid much more for his Instagram posts compared to others. Hamilton is already one of the best F1 drivers with the most circuit points and Grand Prix titles.

Instagram Earnings and Retirement

Lewis Hamilton News

Hamilton is currently earning £40,000 ($48,000) per Instagram post and it is to increase further, boosting his net worth. The market stats say that Instagram influencers can earn £1,667 ($2,004) per 500,000 followers through a single post. Since Lewis Hamilton has over 12.4 million followers, he is supposed to earn £40,590 ($48,811) per Instagram post.

As for his retirement plans, Hamilton has dismissed all rumors about it. He will not be retiring anytime soon as long as he is physically and mentally fit. It means Hamilton has a lot of time in the car racing sports, and his net worth will reach new heights.