Legal Marijuana Worker denied citizenship in Colorado

Legal Marijuana worker, Oswald Barrientos has been citizenship of Colorado. Barrientos started working in this industry in 2014. This was because he got inspired by his research in the medical products. This was after his mother was diagnosed with skin cancer. He was brought from El Salvador to the United States. Barrientos was a mere infant then. However, when he was 13, he was granted the green card. But, when he applied for the citizenship, he was denied. Learn full story, here.

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Legal Marijuana Worker denied citizenship: The story

Barrientos was considering the process of citizenship application to be simple. He is currently 30 years old. Moreover, he speaks fluent English. Barrientos also does not have any criminal history. Moreover, he is a grad and also pays the taxes. However, things still did not turn out well for him.

During the interview, the interviewer focussed on the job of this legal marijuana worker. The interview took place in November. Barrientos works for a state licenced company which grows this weed.

Just a few weeks later, he received a letter from the Citizenship and Immigration Services of U.S. This letter denied him the citizenship. He says that he was shocked. Moreover, he was also appalled. However, he did not have any idea that he will be in this situation.

Legal Marijuana Worker denied citizenship in Colorado
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Other who have been denied citizenship of Colorado

Attorneys of Barrientos have given their views. They say that they are not certain about things. This is whether people outside Colorado have been denied the citizenship. They talk strictly about same case. Attorneys say they have not yet come across similar reports.

However, they have their suspicions. They claim that people might accept the denial quietly. These are who do not have a legal representation  These people will then reapply. They might also give up on the entire idea.

However, there are attorneys who have come across a similar case. It is of a woman who does not want to publicize her name. She too works in the marijuana industry.

Legal Marijuana Worker denied citizenship in Colorado
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Response of the Citizenship and Immigration Services

The spokesperson, Deborah Cannon responded on the matter. She says that the agency does not respond to individual cases. However, Cannon defends any denials. These are ones based on marijuana’s involvement. Moreover, she also adds that the agency must follow the federal law. This is regarding the use and sale of marijuana.

There are only 10 states that allow the use and sale of marijuana. However, this is only for the adults. Moreover, varieties of marijuana are permitted by more than 30 states. These are only for medical purposes.

This case will definitely escalate matters.