Legacies season 2 has been desperately awaited by its fans all over the world. It is kind of natural to expect so. The popularity of its season 1 was an indication right from the beginning. But that is not it. Not just fans but its actors are equally curious for the second season to happen.

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Legacies Season 2: Matt’s wish list

Legacies season 2 cast story release date

In an interview with media, Matt Davis shared his excitement for the show and its second season. He has got an entire wish list ready for Legacies season 2. Isn’t that amazing? He believes that his character will have a surprise visitor in Caroline Forbes (played by Candice King). Caroline is the surrogate mother of his twin daughters.

Matt later acknowledged that this might not be a guest appearance for King. She in real life is busy raising her toddler. It is Caroline’s main focus these days. Her acting career has taken a backseat for a while.

“Candice [is] a mom, and she’s enjoying her life right now. [But] she’s always welcome to come through if that’s what she wants to do because Caroline would be a welcome addition to our storyline,” said Matt.

Matt is also hoping for healthy love life for his character Alaric in Legacies season 2. Alaric has not been lucky in his love life. His character in Vampire Diaries had the same fate. His lady loves either died or turned out to be vampires.

Legacies season 2: Danielle’s wish list

Legacies season 2 cast hope

On the other hand, Danielle Rose Russell, playing the character of Hope Mikaelson, too has her wish list ready. She wishes to have a relationship with Josie in the show.