LeBron James Retirement Rumors

LeBron James changed the entire NBA rankings when he joined the Lakers squad in the last season. It didn’t go as planned as James was injured, missed out a few games and the LA Lakers lost the playoffs.

It might change soon as Anthony Davis from New Orleans Pelicans signed a blockbuster deal with Lakers. The power duo of Davis and James is ready to take the court and bring the title to Lakers in NBA 2020.

But Davis doesn’t plan to stick too long in Los Angeles and will join the Chicago Bulls soon. He will become an unrestricted free agent next summer and might leave Lakers despite being part of a team with an NBA legend like LeBron James. The reason is simple, James is 35 years old, suffering from his first major injury and might retire soon.

Performance has gone Downhill

LeBron James Retirement Reduction in Performance

It is no doubt that LeBron James is a peak human athlete, but he is not in his prime anymore. He suffered from a groin injury last season, which made him miss out an entire month of NBA games. The thing to notice here is that James has played 16 seasons in NBA and never missed any major plays.

Despite his minor injuries, cuts and bruises, James was never too unfit to sit out for any match. But the last injury has changed things and it is proved that LeBron James is not an alien, just a regular human who is better than most of them. As an example, the 3-pointers of James have been reduced from 41.8 percent to 29.7 percent and average win share is down to .179 percent.

Retirement after NBA 2020 Finals

LeBron James Retirement Soon

Even though LeBron James has gotten old and slow, he is still way ahead than regular NBA players. It is the same reason why the injury issue is much more grave for James. He depends on his tall body, jumps and fast pace for his amazing performance.


Since that athletism won’t be there anymore, there is no point in playing basketball anymore. LeBron knows it well and will consider the option to retire than playing at a slow pace. NBA 2019-20 season is the last he tries for another title, if that doesn’t happen, LeBron James might retire soon afterward.