League of Legends Mobile release happening soon?

    League of Legends Mobile 2019

    Riot Games has teamed up with Tencent to create a League of Legends Mobile game, reports from Reuters point out. This has been one of the most popular gaming franchises of all times and a good mobile game is overdue for quite a long time. Now that Tencent has teamed up with Riot for the development of this game, it is expected to be quite a thriller!

    Tencent Developing League of Legends Mobile

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    Let us take a closer look at this and see when can we expect this game to come out and what it will feature:

    League of Legends Mobile: Development Already Underway!

    Reports from Reuters point out that development on this game has already been going on for close to a year now. Sources close to the development have indicated that the game is unlikely to release in 2019. Furthermore, another interesting comment was made where it was said that: “League of Legends is like the World Cup whereas Honour of Kings is just the Asia Cup”

    League of Legends Mobile Game

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    This is quite a statement considering Honour of Kings is one of the biggest and highest grossing names in China!

    League of Legends Mobile to be a Revenue Powerhouse

    Given that the franchise has earned over a billion dollars in PC in 2018, pushing it out for the mobile users is going to generate even more revenue for the company!

    League of Legends Mobile Riot Games Tencent

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    Reports also indicate that Tencent has been trying to convince Riot to get League of Legends Mobile out multiple times, but they finally agreed last year. Tencent is already a major name in the mobile gaming market with names such as PUBG and Call of Duty: Mobile in their kitty.

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