Lazy people are the most creative ones. And they have proved it once again.

The scooter craze is once again all over the nation. But to ride an electric scooter, you have to do the hard task of standing. Most of the scooters require the riders to grasp the handle and then stand on a narrow platform. But hats off to all lazy and innovative people around who have found a way to avoid the task of standing up. Just have a look at this pic.

Source- Twitter

This gentleman has rented the scooter only to make it his chariot. I mean look how majestic he looks. Sitting on a comfortably padded cushion, enjoying his ride like a king. But he is not the only one. There have been several other hacks which include multiple egg-crates tied together by duct tape, even a lawn chair.

Seeing all this creativity, Bird rolled out its latest model, which actually got proper seats and a front basket. Razer and Wheels are also testing their seat attachment in order to capture a wider market.

Source- The Verge