September has arrived with many exciting TV shows and movies on Netflix to entertain you. The fall season is (almost) here, and we all know it’s time to binge-watch new flicks and series that will be gracing our favorite streaming platforms. If you have been looking for new shows to watch this September, we’ve got you covered.

New Netflix Movies & Shows To Watch In September 2023

1. A Time Called You

If you’re searching for a K-drama to watch this September, Netflix’s A Time Called You is the perfect choice. It’s a heartbreaking tale of death and time travel, featuring a female lead who is transported back to her high school days, where she encounters a young man who looks identical to her deceased partner. The first season of A Time Called You starts streaming on September 1, 2023.

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2. Sex Education

Netflix’s award-winning British school comedy Sex Education is coming to a close with its fourth and final chapter being released in September. Otis and Eric will be facing brand-new difficulties, bonds, and encounters as they start their first day at Cavendish Sixth Form College, and we can expect to see some changes for our beloved characters. Mark your calendars as Sex Education arrives on September 21, 2023.

Sex Education s4

3. Love At First Sight

Romantic sparks will be flying on Netflix this September with Love at First Sight, the highly anticipated movie about Hadley and Oliver. Strangers when they meet on a flight from New York to London, the two quickly fall for each other. Will they be able to make it work once they land or will their love be lost in the clouds?

Love At First Sight Netflix

4. Virgin River

The fifth season of the hugely successful romantic drama series Virgin River has returned with the first part of the season, offering an array of unexpected romances, a stunning separation, a trying court case, a sorrowful farewell, and a blazing wildfire that puts the town in danger, uniting some citizens of Virgin River while pulling others apart. Catch Season 5 Part I which starts streaming on September 7, 2023.

5. Who Killed Jill Dando?

This three-part series looks into the unsolved murder of Jill Dando, a beloved English journalist, television presenter, and newsreader. She was brutally shot on her doorstep in London in 1999, and the investigation that followed was one of the largest since the search for the Yorkshire Ripper. Her death remains a poignant reminder of a tragedy that has yet to be solved. Documentary fans can start streaming Netflix’s Who Killed Jill Dando? on September 26, 2023.

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