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Latest Google Map update adds Incognito Mode

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, has recently revealed that the company will be adding incognito mode to its maps service. The feature was previously only available on Google Chrome, but users will now be able to activate the incognito mode on Google Maps too.

A magazine has revealed that Google is planning to add this new feature to almost all of its online services, and Google Maps will be just the latest to receive this update.

YouTube forbidden from recording search history

The Incognito mode works in such a way that it disallows any app or service from tracking your activity, thus ensuring better privacy on the internet. Google had previously added this feature to its video streaming website, YouTube. Activating the feature on YouTube prevented this site from recording search history of the user.

Google Map Incognito Mode

Prevents tracking by malicious software

The Incognito mode, when activated in Google Chrome, ensures that the user is not tracked down by Google ads, as well as any malicious software that may plague the websites that they visit. Adding the feature to Google Maps will ensure that it is virtually impossible to track down where a person is at a given time, or what route they take to work.

Although the confirmation has been announced by the CEO, there is is no definite release date for the feature to be added to Google Maps. For now, we will just have to wait for the update.

Written by Kanishka

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